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Who are we and what do we do?

We discuss home office procedures with Swisscom and put forward members’ concerns. But we need your help: The more members take part, the more fruitful the discussions will be. Can we count on you? Become a syndicom member and give added weight to your concerns.  

Together we can do more: syndicom is always there to help with any employment law matters. As a syndicom member, you enjoy full legal protection 

This means that the entire syndicom team is on hand to provide free advice and legal support for all matters relating to your work, social security issues or legal disputes with customers.  

Strengthening the union: your membership counts

By joining, you make the union stronger. The more people we have on board, the better our negotiating position and the better we can address your concerns. Whether it be wage negotiations, implementing fair working conditions (e.g. in the form of collective employment agreements) or preventing discrimination – when you join a trade union, you become part of a bigger collective made stronger with each member.

Your training is our concern

You may be already be familiar with the further training each year, and we now offer a range of exciting courses and financial support

Your opinion matters at syndicom

Our position on home office working? That’s for our members to decide! Have your say!

The amount of your membership fee depends on your annual income. As a syndicom member, you save the CLA contribution! Wanna join?

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Annual income:
Annual income up to 9'999.-
from 100'000.-

I've been at Swisscom for six years. The workload is steadily increasing, stress is rising and pressure is mounting. syndicom is campaigning against this: Reducing your working hours to 35. In order to prevail in the negotiations, we need you as a member!

Susanne Krueger, Member of the negotiating delegation

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We are strong in concluding collective labor agreements and strong in member benefits.
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